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AIS Services Employee Screening

Employee Screening

The investigative employee screening programs that Accurate Information Systems offers are dedicated to the business professionals who desire to employ a more qualified work-force within their organizations. In order to ensure that each candidate’s persona and qualifications are legitimate, that their represented skills and accomplishments are bona fide and consistent with the prospective employer’s organizational culture, AIS combines traditional investigative search methods with privacy ensured cutting edge technology. Read More


Due Diligence

The objective of due diligence is to not only confirm the accuracy of any prospective business representations, but to identify derogatory, questionable or otherwise undisclosed historical or contemporary factors relating to the party that might preclude a potential association. Read More


Tenant Screening

Through a robust tenant screening program, landlords and property owners can offer a higher level of protection for themselves and current tenants.  Due to today’s litigious society, the care and due diligence exercised at the outset of any prospective business arrangement will have an overall impact on the success of a tenant arrangement, its value proposition, and potential return on investment. Read More


International Services

As one of the first Safe Harbor Certified companies from the US Dept of State, Accurate Information Systems has provided the most robust and easy to understand international reports to not only retail clients, but to a host of other background screening companies. While others simply offer basic “database” records, AIS provides “source driven” criminal records, employment and education verifications, along with a wealth of other publicly available records – obtained directly from the “source” of the information. As the premier source of international records in the background screening industry and capabilities in over 165 countries, it’s no wonder why Accurate Information Systems has been the “go to” company for international records. Read More

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