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About Accurate Information Systems – The #1 Employment Background Screening Service

Providing Qualified and Accurate Employment Background Screening Services and Results Domestically and in Over 165 Countries Internationally

Over a quarter century ago, the founding members of Accurate Information Systems, LLC recognized a critical need among corporations and businesses for quality, timely and affordable pre-employment screening services.  Since our inception, the scope of our clientele and service coverage has expanded to a global scale and well beyond the realm of employment background screening.

AIS – Investigative professionals with over a half-century of domestic and international screening and risk mitigation experience.

About AIS’s employment background screening services

The AIS network is comprised of hundreds of skilled, dedicated and vetted investigative research professionals possessing the knowledge and expertise to access specifically requested information from federal, state, local and international government agencies and institutions.  Accurate Information Systems, LLC conducts confidential, legal and ethical investigations that are fully compliant with federal, state and country specific consumer reporting and privacy laws.

The AIS executive and management teams are licensed investigative professionals with over a half century of investigative, law enforcement and business solutions expertise.  AIS is committed to delivering superior investigative screening, due diligence and risk mitigation solutions necessary to aid today’s business professionals.  AIS provides all our services in an environment of unmatched customer care with only US based customer service professionals.

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