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Learn creative ways to develop a compensation plan your employees will love. Global screening will give you some ideas.

It’s one of the toughest elements of running a business: figuring out how to compensate employees well enough that they stay, without putting your finances at risk. You need great people,... Read more

Discover how to profile and find the ideal tenant, and do comprehensive tenant checks before you make a decision.

You’ve got a healthy rental portfolio. You’re happy with your property investments, and you’ve built up some solid equity in your properties. The only problem is, you can’t seem to find or keep the  Read more

Creating a high performance culture takes more than just diligent pre-employment checks. Find out the secrets here.

Many managers and business owners mistakenly assume that “high performance” is a synonym for “workaholic.” It might surprise those people to learn that just putting in longer hours does not guarantee that an employee is a top performer. In fact, if the research is to be believed,... Read more

Find out how recent changes to broadband and data privacy regulations affect you and your employee background checks.

In our modern world, big brother really is watching our every move, every second of the day. Every time you log into social media, surf the web, perform employee background checks or... Read more

Some employers will ask for a character reference as well as the standard work reference from your current boss

There’s an old saying that goes “people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers.” What that means is that the number one reason most people leave jobs is because they don’t get along with a manager or supervisor, and that’s usually true. It may surprise you to learn that, but... Read more

When it comes to pre-hiring due diligence, you usually cannot request medical screening at all.

Health issues are a fact of life. At some point, most employees will experience some sort of health scare or be diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness. For the majority of employers, not only is it tough to handle the legalities and loss of productivity that health issues... Read more

International background check companies know what information gleaned by technology you can use and what’s private.  

Technology has changed our lives in so many ways. It’s changed how we shop, communicate and find new opportunities. It has made millionaires out of college dropouts, and it’s made encyclopedias and phone... Read more

Instead of running an employee background check before hiring and then forgetting about this big issue completely, companies need to make their employees’ ongoing financial health a matter of company policy.

In a perfect world, there would be a clear, defined separation between work and life, and never the twain would meet. Ideally, your employees wouldn’t have any problems outside of the office, or at the very least, they would be able to leave them all outside the door when they reported... Read more

If you see any of these or other suspicious signals, even if your tenant background check was positive it’s good to investigate.

As a landlord, you have many things to worry about. Is the rent going to be paid on time? Do you have sufficient insurance on your properties? Are you going to have big, unexpected expenses, or a  Read more

If you were to waive the criminal background check for a candidate because of their disability, you would in fact be discriminating in two ways

It’s a tough call for any hiring manager: when confronted with a candidate who has a disability, do you ask for a criminal background check as you normally would, or do you waive it, to prevent any appearance of discrimination? The answer may surprise you. Skipping the Check Is... Read more

If you don’t already have policies in place to run terror specific employee security vetting as a part of your hiring process, it may be time to draft one

Terrorism is nothing new. Throughout history, there have been endless streams of groups using violence to attempt to create political or religious change in countries around the world. Here at home in the US, however, we know the exact date that everything changed, forever. Ever since... Read more

Do your due diligence to find out what trends affect healthcare HR departments and stay on top of your game.

Healthcare is booming. It’s one of the fastest growing industries in the US and beyond, and more and more people are choosing careers in the field. Combined with international mobility for the best and brightest, there are plenty of  Read more

Rather than pretending it won’t happen, now may be the time to start thinking about your employee background screening policies and how you’re going to change to suit the new laws.

Whether we like it or not, the laws related to marijuana are changing. There are already several states that have legalized it’s use to varying degrees, while as many as twelve more will vote on marijuana... Read more

Your tenant record check shows they are related to all their employment and or rental references.

Most landlords wish they had a crystal ball, which would tell them whether a prospective tenant was the right choice, or whether they were going to turn into tenantzilla. While... Read more

ackers are becoming bolder and more sophisticated, and the risks of identity theft, fraud and other attacks are very real, no matter how big or small your organization is.

Lively brainstorming sessions are a good way to build a cyber-savvy culture in your company. You only have to watch the news these days to see how much damage a lack of cyber security can do. Whether it’s the latest Minecraft account hack, identity... Read more

Criminal record checks can be a mine field of conflicting information and potential pitfalls for employers.

If there’s one aspect of prospective employees that is most likely to make would-be employers think twice, it’s probably the criminal record check. It’s only natural to... Read more

Employee Criminal Record: Arrest vs. Conviction

When you find a top notch candidate, but they have an employee criminal record! Imagine, for a moment, that you are conducting a background check on a top... Read more

Employee screening protocols can be used to check on religious and ethic candidates too.

The US is a diverse country, and it becomes more and more of a melting pot every year. Immigrants arrive from all over the world all the time, whether they come as asylum... Read more

Certain careers and industries require employee background checks by law.

Employee background checks are useful to HR departments and business owners, because it helps them to be sure they know who they are hiring. Candidates often dread them, because they are invasive and may... Read more

An expungement doesn't necessarily mean your candidate will have a negative background check.

In many cases, if a criminal record has been expunged, you will never know that it existed at all. While the rules vary from state to state, unless you are hiring for a government position, a position as a teacher or in a corrections facility, and unless the candidate tells you about... Read more

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